Saturday, September 27, 2014

Gold X Black

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Blazer : MANGO | Crop Top : HnM | Skirt and Heels : Zalora | Watch : Daniel Wellington

I know I have been slacking lately when it comes to this page, it's like work and lifestyle has been taking over my time and the the only free time I have , I ll fully use it to sleep or perhaps just read a good book and still off to sleep. Haha, I hate to admit it but working life is exhausting , I m trying to find the balance to engage more in my social life after work rather then just go home and sleep. However, that's what I feel I should do, find a balance between both things.

As for this outfit, it's one of those day where I just want to layer myself with long sleeves turtle neck crop to and blazer over it. I want to feel cozy despite the hot weather. Not to mention, this picture also indicates how long I've slacking with this blog .The growing roots of my hair at that time was making me feel rather irritated , but oh wells I have completely dyed to a much neutral colour to take care now, will blog more about it on the next post.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Back to the streets

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Dress and Sling Bag : HM | Boots : Zara 

The streets of Bangsar is definitely one of my favorite spot to hunt for casual and amazing location for a snap. Each streets and alley is unique in it's way, the atmosphere of the place is really good and relaxing even though ... it's always full with people walking and driving around. That place is mad congested but somehow it gives you a calm feeling when you sit by a coffee shop and just enjoy each sip of your drink. For me the place makes me feel really warm and homey.

A good day definitely needs a good outfit to go with. My current favourite from H&M , never fails to ease my comfort. This easy-to-wear dress from HM latest collection is a must have in my wardrobe ; it's easy, chic and comfortable. I dont know when will I even get tired with all the blacks and whites , pretty digging the minimalistic style.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


There is always a saying that , a women can never have too many shoes. Well, I totally agree with that, because like what Coco Chanel said , ' A women with good shoes is never ugly".

I have a tiny obsession when it comes to shoes, when I like them I will try my best to owned them. Shoes are the soul that defines you , they can make you feel empower, elegant , exquisite and at least for me they make me fell happy, confident and comfortable. I personally love high heels and boots, second off with sneakers and sandals.

High heels are pleasure with pain, the more it hurts your feet the more you want to wear them. For others it may be a sense of torturing but I guess I have indulge the pain into a certain type of pleasure, like wise. Boots are the stylish comforter. There are comfortable , chic and easy to match with any outfits. Sneakers and Sandals are sporty and edgy ; it's the new trend now anyway.

For me ,I usually clean them once in a blue month or perhaps once every month because I enjoy the process of owning them and I do admire them as well. Here's part of my shoe collection. I still have whole lot of shoes that needs to be clean up and polish but I guess till next time then !

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