Sunday, April 13, 2014

IACT Education Fair

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When I was in high school, I remember how my school will always have an educational fair every year for the Form 5 students. For me, it was such a huge step back then to graduate from high school and step into the real world of University. 

Yeap, I m sure it's pretty nerve-wrecking for all the students who are going to sit for their SPM and start a whole new journey as a college students; because I was that student back then. Therefore, it was pretty nostalgia to have attended IACT educational fair awhile back ; it brings back so much memory of me being a high school student.

Before I start, I always like to give an introduction about the main character for this post. So, IACT College is the Creative Communication Specialist in Malaysia. The College offers an array of programmes in Media and the Creative Arts. Pioneering Project-Based Learning (PBL) in its classes, students are trained with real-life projects, which are provided and assessed by industry leaders. This has successfully produced many job-ready and award-winning graduates who are now leaders in their industries. 

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That morning the college was packed with so many high school students. To be more specific, a total of 33 students from SMK Tropicana and what's more interesting is this educational fair was the first Education Fair held by IACT College themselves in its city campus in Jaya One. I have to say , they have very effective and informative booth for parents and students to get to know more about what course that suits them best and what are they looking for as well.

All the guest and students was able to go on a student-guided tours around the college which included the course stimulations and trial classes within the College's latest facilities.Moreover, the school's counsellor, ms. Catherine Thomas was filled with joy and expressed her excitement by saying that . "The fair was a great opportunity for my students to gain awareness on high income jobs available in the creative world." Well indeed she was right. In this creative world of industry, we are bound to compete with each other in order to be more creative then one another other. That's how the best one wins. 

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Furthermore, with over 80 partnered universities ovrseas, IACT student also have the greatest privileged to have the fastest option to earn an honors degree in just 3 and a half years after SPM. OWH WOAH, come on guys ! Now this is interesting, I mean you get to graduate a semester earlier then any other colleges could offer. Think about it again !

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In order to make all the parents and students to feel closes to the heart, IACT College has also set up a live testimony through two Diploma in Advertising alumni, Abiseshana Mohan (Copy Write at Saatchi & Saatchi) and Wong Jia Li ( creative Copywrite at Leo Burnett ) to give a word of two about what they've gained and learn in IACT. Both shared a very valuable insights and learning from their time at the college and abroad at the University of Hertfordshire and University of Sunderland, UK.

Besides than the two students, guest were also inspired by Danial Kulian and Robin Gan, current student of IACT who shared their experience as an interns at 8TV and Eye Believe ( a creative content production company) as well. 

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After a well content speeches from all the students and representative, I got the chance to visit the college facilities. My first opinion about their facilities was, I FREAKING LOVE THEIR LIBRARY. Well at least it's has a pretty creative architecture :)

It was a nice experience visting IACT College, I've heard about it before but never really have the chance to see the college as a whole.

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Dark Side

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Floppy hat : H&M | Maxi Dress , Shades , Shoe sandals : Zalora | Bag: My Secret Wardrobe 

Lately , I've been having this crazy habit of bringing my floppy hat no matter where I go. Don't you think it matches almost every outfit I wore, well at least it is to me. I like how it goes so well with all my maxi dresses, all my punk and dark outfits and all my casual looks too. Not to mention, cant say how much I've made the right choice to have bought this dress from Zalora ; it fits perfectly and extremely comfortable to the core. I could literally dance and jump all night with this dress.

Moreover, thanks Junzie for the shades and I have to say every since I've joined the company I have been blessed in so many ways. My colleagues are great, landed on a great position in my company ; I m just grateful for the people who gave me this opportunity to excel in what I want to be in the future, really hope this is a great stepping stone for me.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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When I was young, I remember how I used to envy those teenage girls in the movies, dressing themselves up for prom ,with their ever-handsome prom date and as she walks down the stairs she kind of sparkles the whole room. Not to mention, aside from being envy, I always wonder what will my wedding dress look like in the future ? Well yea, those were my childhood fantasy stage. Haha I mean I'm sure you watch White Chick or Mean Girls or any chic flick movies when you're younger. At some point, you wish you could just grow up as fast as you can and hoping one day you 'll be just like all the teenage girls in the movies.

Not to mention, when it comes to wedding dress , I'm sure it is almost every girl's dream to parade down the aisle with her ever-breath-taking wedding gown. You only get to be in a wedding gown once in a lifetime, why not dream big right !!

It's always nice to reminisce back those good old days where we're still young and naive, dreaming and fantasising to be in a wedding gown attending prom and party like nobody's business. Well yes it is nice to look back and think that it has been a good few years after I've attended my High School Prom. So girl's , if you're attending you school prom night this year or attending any ball event anytime soon, pay a visit to I'm telling you, this website sells loads of dresses ranging from vintage prom dress, cheap special occasion dress and not to mention wedding dresses ; well for wedding dress I think I shall keep it for the next part of this post. Let's all just focus on the big night of the end you high school fantasy.

I kid you not when I say  sells tonnes of amazing vintage Dresswe Vintage Prom Dresses and Dresswe Prom Shoes too. I like how each and every design has it's own specialities.  They have so many different colors whereby when you name it , they've got it !!  This is a few of my favourite and yes, I cant help but did a small collage with their sketches :)

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Well when it comes to wedding dress, although I m still super young to talk about marriage but a girl can fantasise her wedding day and her wedding dress. is like a one stop bridal boutique, they have tonnes of wedding apparels, wedding shoes and wedding accessories for you to choose and browse through !!  Well , this is what we call as wedding made easy . I personally have a soft spot for dresses and gown and this explains why I love sketching dresses since I was young.
My personally favourites are these amazing beach wedding dresses or perhaps gown I should say.

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Check out  for captivating and astonishing prom dresses, affordable gowns, wedding gowns, prom shoes and accessories as well too.